The results of “World Cup” and “Int Cup”

Int Cup

Mount Tai International Racing Pigeon Center

World Cup

Beijing Changyang Pigeon Club

Beijing Changyang Racing Pigeon Club

Beijing Pioneer International Pigeon Racing Club

Huineng Pigeons Club

Jiangsu Yunwaishuizhuang Racing Pigeon Club

Shandong Shunfeng Racing Pigeon Club

Suzhou Lingfeng Racing Pigeon Club

Tangshan Sunshine Racing Pigeon Club

Wuhan Fuqi International Racing Pigeon Club

The DBA Auction

The DBA Auction

The DBA Auction

The money is used for charitable purposes, youth work, and research into diseases…

German Pigeon auction for a good cause

Every year, on the occasion of the German racing pigeon show in Dortmund, the auction takes place for the benefit of the Prof. Dr. Kohaus-Förderverein, the sponsoring association of the German racing pigeon federation. This year, unfortunately, the German racing pigeon exhibition had to be canceled for well-known reasons. However, we would still like to hold the well-known auction on the Internet, so that the diverse projects of the Förderverein can be supported financially in the future. Many top German breeders have donated pigeons or vouchers for this. We would be pleased if you visit our auction platform and perhaps support our action.

The auction will be online from the 9th January until the 16th January:

See the pigeons already here:

Thanks for supporting!

Presidents New Year Message

Presidents New Year Message

Dear Sports Friends, Dear My Pigeon Fancier Friends,

2020 has been such a difficult time for all of us; however, thanks to our love for pigeons, the solidarity and strength of our community, we were able to overcome all those difficulties in the end.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, a new world order began. We and the pigeons had to adapt to the epidemic situation and its consequences. We live and work under new rules, we organize racing pigeon competitions under new rules. This requires great patience, understanding, and cooperation from everyone.

The rules and obligations of our private life and society must give strength and perseverance to our racing pigeon activities. We learned from the organization of the 2020 racing pigeons competitions and the observance of the conditions required by the unavoidable COVID rules.

We need to start planning for the future in a new direction, where we will adapt to the new rules in many aspects of life, and to the observance of epidemiological regulations.

The rules for the viability of our lives are the rules that can also be required in the mail pigeon trade: despite the COVID epidemic, we competed in almost every country, at all FCI Grand Prix sites, we also held the FCI World Championships in Arad and the European Cup in Mira. The World Cup and China International Cup were held for the first time in China. It is true that we have postponed the Olympics for one year, until 2022, but we can evaluate the World Best Pigeon results on all continents.

We are determined and persistent in our radically changed daily lives. Much has been appreciated and re-evaluated in our lives: from the health and safety of our loved ones to the importance of the human relationships.

With that in mind, we are constantly working hard to meet the changing needs and conditions as much as possible at all times and places. We commit ourselves to be reliable leaders and partners for national racing pigeon federations, organizations, and racing pigeons fanciers around the world.

We hope that our lives can return to the old – unrestricted – way!

In the meantime, on behalf of the FCI leadership, I wish all my leading companions, my pigeon friends, and families around the world a Peaceful Happy Holliday and a successful New Year!

The highest good is health, stay healthy!


Yours sincerely,

President FCI

F.C.I. “World Cup”

F.C.I. “World Cup”

Licensing Ceremony of Federation Colombophile Internationale
(F.C.I.) “World Cup” Racing Pigeon Professional League was held in the Great Hall of the People

On January 11, 2020, the licensing ceremony for the organizer of the F.C.I. “World Cup” Racing Pigeon Professional League and the organizer of branch races was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Mr. Geert PHILIPS,
the Secretary General of the F.C.I., awarded the licenses to the representatives of the Chinese Racing Pigeon Association and the Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone. The representatives of the three parties jointly awarded the licenses to ten organizers of the 2020 F.C.I. “World” Racing Pigeon Professional League. These organizers are the top 10 racing pigeon clubs in China including Beijing Pioneer Racing Pigeon Cultural
Exchange Co., Ltd., Beijing Changyang Century Racing Pigeon Cultural Exchange Co., Ltd., etc.

The racing pigeon sport in China has been developing vigorously in recent years. By 2019, there were more than 400,000 Chinese members and more than 50 million racing pigeons. Each year, more than 20,000 events are held across the country, and the industrial economy has reached more than 3 billion e
uros, which is in the leading position of the world. More and more young people are attracted to join this sport in China.

The F.C.I. “World Cup” Racing Pigeon Professional League is a pioneering activity in the field of international racing pigeon sport, which will attract a number of racing pigeon enthusiasts from all over the world to participate. It will become an important milestone in the history of the world racing pigeon sport, fully demonstrating the promotion of China’s international status and the vigorous development of China’s racing pigeon sport, and thus accelerating our development towards a powerful country of racing pigeon sport.

F.C.I. “Intercontinental Cup”

F.C.I. “Intercontinental Cup”

F.C.I. “Intercontinental Cup” One Loft Ace Pigeon Race was launched in Tai’an

On December 5, 2019, the licensing ceremony of the F.C.I. “Intercontinental Cup” One Loft Ace Pigeon Race and the authorization ceremony of the first organizer were held in Tai’an. Mr. Istvan BARDOS, President of F.C.I., awarded the authorization license to Mr. Yu Zhiwei, General Manager of Mount Tai International Racing Pigeon Center.

This event attracted a number of heavyweights in the racing pigeon industry at home and abroad to witness the success, including Mr. Istvan BARDOS, the President of F.C.I., Dr. Agnes HORVATH, the General Advisor of F.CI., Mr. Xing Xiaoquan, the President of Chinese Racing Pigeon Association, Mr. Huang Jian, the Vice President of Chinese Racing Pigeon Association, Mr. Guan Xiaopeng, the Special Vice President of Chinese Racing Pigeon Association, Mr. Wang Jiaxin, the Secretary General of Chinese Racing Pigeon Association, Mr. Guan Yue, the Deputy Secretary of Chinese Racing Pigeon Association and the Chairman of Chinese Racing Pigeon Sports(Beijing) Co., Ltd. , Mr. Zhai Peijian, the Director of Provincial Sports Industry Development Center, Mr. Guo Xuhua, the Chairman of Provincial Racing Pigeon Association, Mr. Niu Jiakui, the Vice Chairman and Secretary General of Provincial Racing Pigeon Association, Mr. Liang Rong, the General Manager of Chinese Racing Pigeon Sports(Beijing) Co., Ltd. , and Mr. Yu Yue, the Chairman of Beijing Friendship Pigeon Sports Industry Development Co., Ltd.

The F.C.I. “Intercontinental Cup” One Loft Ace Pigeon Race is an international top professional event hosted by the Federation Colombophile Internationale, which is open to all members of the member associations under the Federation Colombophile Internationale. A multi-stage racing system of points ranking in branch races is adopted, with the rankings of continental winners and intercontinental winners. The race is organized and implemented by the Chinese Racing Pigeon Association, with the branch races to be held by a number of authorized organizers in China in their respective regions. Mount Tai International Racing Pigeon Center, as the first organizer of race, will jointly promote the development of the event to ensure the high quality of the

Mr. Istvan BARDOS, President of F.C.I., awarded the license to Mr. Yu Zhiwei, General Manager of Mount Tai International Racing Pigeon Center