FCI Grand Prix Final races delayed

Due to unfavourable weather condition in Bulgaria and Greece recently, the final race of Derby Sunny Beach (expected date: July 31, 2021), Derby Halkidiki (expected date: August 1, 2021) and AS Golden Pigeon (expected date: August 7, 2021) have been delayed. Updates on new dates for the final races will be informed as soon as possible on the official website of FCI.

Preparing the event: World Championship 2021

Preparing the event: World Championship 2021

Meeting between Mr. Istvan Bardos, the President of the FCI and the Deputy Mayor of Cukarica, Mr. Branislav Celic, and a member of the council in charge of sports, Mr. Slavisa Sotra.

Visit of Mr. Istvan Bardos, the President of the FCI and Dr Gabor Schindler was organized on the 1st and the 2nd July 2021. The visit was organized after the end of the reception of the national teams, when all the accepted pigeons went through the period of adaptation and started their release from the loft. 
The Municipality of Čukarica and the City of Belgrade, in the name of Serbia, are sponsors of the FCI World Championship 2021.

Olympiad 2022 postponed

Olympiad 2022 postponed

Due to the corona pandemic In 2020 the FCI had to decide to postpone the FCI Olympiad 2021 till January 2022. We all hoped that the pandemic would end soon and the world would come back to normal.

On July 5, 2021, the Director Committee unanimously voted to postpone the Olympics from January 2022 to August 2022 due to the global and Romanian health forecasts.

In accordance with the previous competition, you can participate in the Olympics with the results of 2019-20-21 according to the competition corresponding to the Olympic categories.

The Olympics will be held at the same location in Oradea, Romania.

If the pandemic does not allow personal – physical participation, the ONLINE Olympics will be held by the end of August 2022.

For the first time in history, the FCI Sport and Standards Committee will prepare summer Olympics of our sport in line with the new health situation.

We will definitely evaluate the results of the best pigeons, the breeders will receive the Olympic prizes, we will do our best to celebrate the biggest event of the racing pigeon sport together in person!

The 2024 Olympics will be held in the Netherlands, and a call for applications for the 2026 Olympics will be published.

Have a good flight!

Stay healthy!

See you in Romania in August 2022 to have a great event together!

Istvan Bardos
President, FCI