Call for FCI Grand Prix OLR Controllers


FCI Grand Prix One Loft Race is one of most prestigious and well-organized championships in the arena of pigeon sport. Being a member of FCI Grand Prix OLR (GP OLR) benefits the OLR in many ways.
From 2022 FCI aims to launch a new evaluation system for GP OLR and would like to expand this Championship to a larger scale. There will be a new “Grand Prix Category” at the Olympiad and only FCI OLRs supervised by FCI controllers are eligible to take part in this category. Hence, it is fundamental to build up a network of FCI delegates who will have long-term
cooperation with both FCI and GP OLRs.


A. Job description

1. Responsibility of an FCI Controller:

a. To OLRs:

  • Supervise the well-being of the pigeons in whole season
  • Control the ETS and GPS systems
  • Control the trainings and all races
  • Control pigeons in the final race and record the results correctly
  • Observe the operation of the OLRs throughout the year to evaluate the OLRs according to the evaluation system of FCI

b. To FCI:

  • Attend the training for FCI GP controllers
  • Score at least 90% in the final test after the training in order to be authorized as FCI Controller
  • Give reports to FCI Office
  • Inform FCI about any changes in case the controller has difficulty at the OLRs
  • Send the checklist and pictures of the final races in time
  • Participate in the evaluation of OLR-s

2. Benefits of Controllers

  • FCI will cover the travel costs of the controller for the final race
  • OLR will cover the cost for accommodation, food, travel inside the country/or transfer from the airport to the loft)
  • Invitation for the Olympiad (entry tickets for the exhibition)
  • The job exists on voluntary basic

3. Requirements to be an FCI Controller:

  • Have at least 3 years of experience in pigeon sport and one loft races
  • Can communicate confidently in English
  • Have a basic knowledge of IT
  • Detail-oriented and impartial working attitude
  • Be able to travel outside their country of residence

2. Application procedure

a. Anyone who is motivated to become an FCI controller ( fanciers supported by
federations or individuals) must fill in the application form via this link:
FCI GP Controller_Application Form
– Submit the CV
– In the CV, please indicate at least 3 OLRs and the year in which you have joined.
– Submit the motivation letter (maximum 1 page) to tell FCI why you are interested in
individuals or being an FCI controller.
– Submit support letters from the federations or OLR-s

b. Deadline of the application is 12th January 2022.

c. Short-listed candidates will be informed via email to take part in a mandatory training
organized by FCI to 10th of January 2022.

d. Training will be organized in online form between 20- 25 January 2022.

e. After the training, candidates must pass the final test – also online- in 3 days after the training, with a minimum score of 90% in order to be officially authorized as an FCI Grand Prix Controller. A certificate will be given to those who successfully pass the test.

More information:
WhatsApp: +36307997433

FCI hopes to be in contact with a lot more talented and professional pigeon fanciers who will be the representatives of FCI Grand Prix spirit and quality!