The first International Pigeon Art Competition organized by FCI has attracted the interest of many children and teenagers who share the love for racing pigeons. We can see that they are going to be not only passionate fanciers, but also very talented artists. FCI leaders as well as the judges are extremely impressed by the love for racing pigeons reflected in each artwork. Now, it is time for you to have a look at all of these special artworks (paintings/drawings, photos and videos) and vote for your favorite ones. The rule is very simple: Vote for the paintings, photos or videos that you like (you can vote for more than 1 item); but you can only vote for each item ONCE.

The voting is also available on FB page of FCI:

The votes will be counted on both FCI website and FB pages to find out who get the most votes on social media platforms.

There are 3 age groups of the participants (under 6 years old, from 7 to 11 years old, from 12 to 18 years old). For each age group, we will award the Audience Prizes to 3 participants who received most votes:

First place: Tickets to the Olympiad 2022 in Romania with one adult accompanying.

Second place: Tickets to the National Racing Pigeon Show for the whole family (maximum 4 entries).

Third place: Tickets to the National Racing Pigeon Show with one adult accompanying.

The voting system will be closed on May 8, 2022 on both website and Facebook.

We can’t wait to see and announce the winners in May. Good luck to everyone.