The Pigeon Olympiad is the most prestigious and biggest international event in the world of pigeon sports. The Pigeon Olympiad is the biggest event of more than 4 million fanciers in the world and is held once every 2 years.

Pigeon Olympiads are held every 2 years in a different country.

World Best Pigeon

FCI gives the opportunity to all FCI members to show their best pigeons in the “World Best Pigeon (WBP) “championship.

Final ranking is determined by the performance of the racing pigeons in one current year period. This allows participation of all federations from every continent all around the world.

World Championship

The FCI World Championship started in 1994, when the first edition was disputed in the Canarias One Loft Race. The objective is promoting the Pigeon Sport and generate at international competence by the breeders.

Each National Federation affiliated to FCI can free inscribe a total of 25 young pigeons with official ring FCI.

FCI Grand Prix

The FCI Grand Prix OLRs are selected on the basis of specific criteria in order to guarantee the highest quality of the OLR competitors. All fanciers of the FCI member federations can participate in this championship. Fancier can participate in all the lofts or whichever lofts he prefers. The Grand Prix is a championship based on a series of the OLR-s.

World Cup

The World Cup Racing Pigeon Professional League is a pioneering activity in the field of international racing pigeon sport, which will attract a number of racing pigeon enthusiasts from all over the world to participate.

It will become an important milestone in the history of the world racing pigeon sport.

Intercontinental Cup

The F.C.I. “Intercontinental Cup” One Loft Ace Pigeon Race is an international top professional event hosted by the Federation Colombophile Internationale, which is open to all members of the member associations under the Federation Colombophile Internationale. On December 5, 2019, the authorization ceremony of the first organizer were held in Tai’an.

European Championship

Since 1977, Mira has hosted the European Championship of racing pigeons.  The Portuguese Racing Pigeon Federation organizes this competition every year. Pigeons registered in the European Championship and in the Youth Championship can simultaneously participate in the following event:  Grand Prix Portugal – Mundial Ranking FCI.

Actual information

A few words about FCI

International Colombophile Federation ( FCI abbreviation) is a non-profit association, governed by Article 60 and following of the Swiss Civil Code and composed of National Federations that govern the pigeon sport in their respective countries and sporting associations  representativeness in countries where there is no National Federation.

Foot Rings

are sold for FCI members across the globe. Only pigeons with FCI footrings can compete in the international races.

Member Federations

are the member of FCI, who are allowed to participate at races and programs organized by FCI and with whom we shape and develop pigeon sport.


are the members of the Federation worldwide, who benefit from the possibilities of membership.

Races in world

take place in the world under the name and organization of FCI in one year.

Official Partners 2020

Official FCI ring producers


Chinese Racing Pigeon Association – China

Dongguan Geshifeng Metal Product Co., LTD – China

Rexworks Specialties Corporation – Taiwan

Savic NV – Belgium

Official FCI ring producers

2021 – 2023

Anilhas Capri Company – Brasil

Chinese Racing Pigeon Association – China

Dongguan Geshifeng Metal Product Co., LTD – China

Rexworks Specialties Corporation – Chinese Taipei

GECA – Belgium


FCI-allowed companies with TNO / WSM approved systems

Benzing / Gantner


Avance Technology / Ipigeon

Mega / Deil Electronics

TauRis / Rüter

Motz / Tipes

Deister / Unikon

Interfly / Victory (ETS sales stopped since years)

Vizion / Polmark

Approved chipring companies

Bricon – Belgium

TauRis / Rüter – Germany

Motz / Vizion – Germany / Poland

Deister / Unikon – Germany

Benzing – Austria

PBO / Topigeon – UK / Taiwan

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