World Best Pigeon 

Starting from2019, FCI gives a new opportunity to all the affiliated federations and their members to show their best pigeons in the “World Best Pigeon (WBP) “ championship.

The final ranking of this FCI championship is determined by the performance of the racing pigeons in one current year period.

In this way, logistic problems can be overcome, which allows participation of all federations from each continent all around the world.

In the following tables, you find the criteria to participate in the various categories.

The ranking is per coefficient.

The calculation of the coefficients is done according to the FCI regulation.
Each affiliated federation is eligible for the competition.
Every affiliated federation can decide from the guidelines which categories to participate.
Each affiliated federation can participate in one or more of the categories.
One pigeon can only participate in one category.
Each federation has the right to nominate 3 pigeons per category.

The final results will be published on the FCI website each year. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes of each year will be awarded at the Olympiad.

The winner receives a golden FCI badge.

World Best Pigeon 2020

World Best Pigeon 2020

WORLD BEST PIGEON WITHIN 1 YEAR 1. Calculation system According to the FCI rules the calculation system is same of others FCI events. Speed, middle distance, long distance and all round categories:    Position in the result x 1000    Number of basketed pigeons (max....

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Winners 2019

World Best Pigeon 2019 Results

WBP 2019 – All Round

WBP 2019 – Long Distance

WBP 2019 – Marathon

WBP 2019 – Middle Distance

WBP 2019 – Speed

WBP 2019 – Summary