European Championship


Since 1977, Mira has hosted the European Championship of racing pigeons.  The Portuguese Racing Pigeon Federation  organizes this competition every year. Pigeons registered in the European Championship and in the Youth Championship can simultaneously participate in the following event:  Grand Prix Portugal – Mundial Ranking FCI.

The European Championship and the European Youth Championship are open to the participation of national teams representing countries that are part of the FCI. All the participating pigeons are considered to be the property of the FPC, so it is up to them to decide their disposition.

In the European Youth Championship, the pigeon fanciers who are members of the national selections must be under 25 years old. For each championship, each country’s selection will be composed of 25 effective pigeons + 5 reserve pigeons (total of 30 pigeons) per country, with given leg rings.

The substitute pigeons shall be brought to the team whenever losses of active pigeons are confirmed. For this purpose, the participating Federation must indicate the respective order of entry for the substitution in competition. It is up to the Portuguese Pigeon Fanciers Federation to dispose of the unused substituted pigeons as it deems most convenient.

The pigeons participating in the European Championship may, upon payment of the 100 euros registration fee per pigeon, compete in the FCI Grand Prix of Portugal.


The following rankings shall be applied:

Individual Ranking
Ranking by country

  • Sum of the average of the three best pigeons in the final event

Ace Pigeon Ranking

  • Ranking shall be decided by the sum of the averages attained in trainings exceeding 100 km + the final race;
  • All pigeons not ranked in the final race shall be excluded from the Ace Pigeon ranking;
  • If there is a tie, the pigeon attaining the best ranking in the final race shall take precedence;
  • Ace Pigeon provisional rankings shall be disclosed training-by-training.

Closure of rankings:

  • In the final race, rankings include 25 % of the pigeons registered, or at large at 8:00 p.m. on the following day, unless otherwise stated by FCI.


Individual Ranking / Ace Pigeon / Countries:

1st – Trophy + Gold Medal + Diploma
2nd – Trophy + Silver Medal + Diploma
3rd – Trophy + Bronze Medal + Diploma

Participation Diplomas shall be awarded to all pigeon fanciers members of the participating countries’ national teams