FCI Pigeon Olympiad

FCI Olympiads News

The Pigeon Olympiad is the most prestigious and biggest international event in the world of the pigeon sports.

The Pigeon Olympiad is the biggest event of more than 4 million fanciers in the world and is held once every 2 years. Pigeon Olympiads are held every 2 years in a different country. 4 years before the Olympiad, each FCI national federation can candidate for the organization of the FCI Olympiad.

During the FCI pigeons Olympiad, visitors can not only see excellent, high-performance pigeons, but also learn about the history of racing pigeon, sport and famous pigeon fanciers. Besides, there is an expo with the participation of many companies majoring in pigeon sport
to present their products.

We honor the Olympic Champions and other top ranking contestants. At the FCI Pigeon Olympiad, only pigeons nominated by the FCI member federations with FCI rings are eligible to participate.

The criteria for Olympic participation are determined by the FCI Sports Committee and approved by the FCI Director Committee.

The pigeons participating in the show are divided into 2 categories: sports category and standard category with the participation of one-year-old and multi-year-old pigeons.

In the Sport categories, the ranking is based on the competition results approved by the national federations and the pigeons are ranked by distance and age of the pigeon.

In the Standard category, the pigeons are judged on their outer characteristics by international FCI judges and the pigeons are ranked by age and sex of the pigeon.

Prize-giving ceremonies during the Pigeon Olympiads:

  • Olympic Winners
  • World Best Pigeon
  • World Championship
  • Grand Prix

2021: 37th Racing Pigeon Olympiad – Romania