Tender Grand Prix 2021-2023

Tender Grand Prix 2021-2023

Request for Proposal

Grand Prix Management 2021 – 2023

The aims are:
– to manage all (FCI) OLRs from A to Z.
– 3 years years contract with a company or person “Official Partner and Manager for
FCI OLRs”, and after 3 years there will be a new call.

The person/company who wants to offer the calculation of Grand Prix will need the following:

  • Contact Data of all FCI One Loft Races (personal contact appreciated)
  • Data of Fanciers and Pigeons (Out of OLR Software, Database of Unique IDs)
  • Build up a unique ID Network which will identify and give a verification of the data through Fancier
  • Data of Participant List of each FCI – OLR, Data of Pigeon, Information about the Race Schedules, Postponed Races
  • Data and Contact of appointed Controllers, Controllers should be added in each country by a qualification test (Certificate) to avoid travel costs

What is the goal of Full Package?

  • Almost Real-time Results for World Wide Ranking
  • Worry free solution for OLRs, Fanciers and Controllers and FCI
  • Publishing and Marketing of Results and Events
  • Attractive Website with updated content, pictures and reports to give more importance to FCI Races and to future OLRs
  • Management Tool for OLRs and Fanciers
  • Push Up Notification on most of the Races including Updates
  • New Competitions like (Continental Cups, Arab or African Championships)
  • Networking to get more OLRs connected
  • Rating System of OLRs through testimonials
  • International Network of Agents to help new OLRs to find the right partners
  • Support Solution for Advisors, technical Support by certified persons
  • Transparency of the race process is important like GPS Tracking of Release Trucks by a device installed from controller (device from FCI)
  • Acceptance of the data from all ETS systems approved by FCI
  • FCI Ring controlled by Management

Proposals must be sent no later than March 1, 2021, to the mail address fciphilips.g@gmail.com.

After March 1, 2021, no proposals will be accepted!

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Tender FCI website

Tender FCI website

Request for Proposal


Webhosting of 1 WordPress Site pigeonsfci.org

  • High-Speed SSD based Server
  • 5 GB Webspace
  • 100 Mysql Database
  • PHP 7 Engine
  • 500 POP3 and IMAP Mail Accounts
  • unlimited mail Addresses
  • 100 FTP Users

Management Services:

24 / 7 Monitoring
24 / 7 Mail Support
Technical Problem solution Guarantee within 24 Hours
Daily Backup
14 Day Data Reversal
Content Management
Manual Insert / Update / Delete of Content on Demand by Author Content accepted in
Digital Form via Email
Support in English
Installation of WordPress Security Updates
Upgrade to new PHP Engine Versions

Proposals must be sent no later than March 1, 2021, to the mail address
After March 1, 2021, no proposals will be accepted!

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European Championship 2021

European Championship 2021

Mira, Portugal

It is with renewed pride that Mira once again receive the European and the European Youth Championship and the International Racing Pigeons Championships, in a happy partnership between the city Council, the International Pigeon Fanciers Federation and the Portuguese Pigeon Fanciers Federation.

C’est avec grande fierté que Mira reçoit une fois de plus les championnats internationaux de Colombophilie, un partenariat réussi entre la Mairie, la Fédération Colombophilie Internationale et la Fédération Portugaise de Colombophilie.

Mit Stolz, empfängt Mira wiederum die internationale Brieftaubenmeisterschaften, in einer glücklichen Partnerschaft zwischen der Gemeinde, dem internationalen Brieftaubenverband und dem Portugiesischen Brieftaubenverband (FPC).

Met trots ontvangt Mira eens te meer de Internationale Kampioenschappen voor Postduiven, die gebaseerd zijn op  een goed geslaagd „partnership“ tussen de Gemeente en de Portugese en de Internationale Duivenbond.

The Portuguese Pigeon Fanciers Federation invites you to participate with your national team in our event, which will take place in Portugal (Mira), on the 16th of October2021.

 La Fédération Portugaise de Colombophilie vous invite à participer avec votre sélection nationale à cet évènement qui aura lieu à Mira (Portugal) le 16 Octobre  2021.

 Der Portugiesische Brieftaubenverband lädt Sie dazu ein, teilzunehmen mit ihrem national Team in Mira (Portugal) an den 16. Oktober 2021.

 De Portugese Duivenbond nodigt U uit om met uw nationaal team deel te nemen aan dit gebeuren dat zal plaats vinden in Mira (Portugal) op 16. Oktober 2021. 

We hereby request your assistance to the possibility to disclose the International Championships of MIRA 2021 to all fanciers of your Federation and, if possibly, to publish on your website.

 Nous demandons votre aide pour annoncer les Championnats Internationaux de Mira 2021 à tous les colombophiles de votre pays et,  si possible, de les annoncer  sur votre page Internet.

Wir brauchen Ihre Hilfe um die internationale Brieftaubenmeisterschaften von Mira 2021 bekannt zu machen zwischen alle Taubenliebhaber von Ihrem Verband und auch, wenn  möglich, in Ihre Webseite an zu kündigen.

 Wij vragen hierbij uw medewerking om de Internationale Kampioenschappen van Mira 2021 onder alle duivenliefhebbers van uw land bekend te maken en ze ook, zo mogelijk, ook op uw webpagina te aan te kondigen.

Attached you can find important information’s concerning the International Racing Pigeons Championships Mira 2021.

See also all the information in the FPC Webpage: www.fpcolumbofilia.pt

 Veuillez trouver en annexe des informations importantes concernant les Championnats Internationaux de Mira 2021.

Veuillez aussi consulter toute l´information disponible sur la page Internet da la FPC.  www.fpcolumbofilia.pt

 Beigefugt finden Sie wichtige Informationen über die  Brieftaubenmeisterschaften von Mira 2021.

Bitte, konsultieren Sie auch die Informationen auf der FPC Webseite:  www.fpcolumbofilia.pt


 In bijlage kunt u belangrijke informatie vinden over de Wereldkampioenschap van Mira 2021.

Wil aub ook de informatie raadplegen die ter beschikking staat op de website van de FPC:  www.fpcolumbofilia.pt

We are sure that your national teams will participate in the European championships. We are looking forward to seeing you in Mira, next October.

 Nous sommes convaincus que vos sélections nationales iront participer aux Championnat d´Europe. Nous espérons de vous voir a Mira le prochain mois de Octobre.

 Wir sind davon überzeugt dass Ihre National teams teilnehmen werden an die Europameisterschaft. Wir haufen Ihnen zu mieten in Mira in Oktober nächsten Jahres.

 Wij zijn ervan overtuigd dat uw nationale teams zullen deelnemen aan de Kampioenschappen. Wij hopen u te ontmoeten in Mira in Oktober volgend jaar.

Rules European Championshop MIRA

Invitation to participate in the European MIRA OLR 2021

Invitation Delegates MIRA 2021

Delegates Form Mira 2021

The results of “World Cup” and “Int Cup”

Int Cup

Mount Tai International Racing Pigeon Center

World Cup

Beijing Changyang Pigeon Club

Beijing Changyang Racing Pigeon Club

Beijing Pioneer International Pigeon Racing Club

Huineng Pigeons Club

Jiangsu Yunwaishuizhuang Racing Pigeon Club

Shandong Shunfeng Racing Pigeon Club

Suzhou Lingfeng Racing Pigeon Club

Tangshan Sunshine Racing Pigeon Club

Wuhan Fuqi International Racing Pigeon Club