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08-October 2019

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The new European pigeons have started to eat normally!

FCI European pigeons were released and guaranteed to arrive at Tianjin OLR.

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2019 July

On the 4th of July, the temperature was above 35 degrees.

As of this evening, six pigeons have died.  Two of them died when they reached their destination in the early morning of the 5th.  The ring numbers of these pigeons are:

  • IT19-9020219
  • Ro-1000521
  • CZ19-0114-563
  • DV05382-19-1088
  • AUS301-19-1756
  • FR2019-373489

The pigeons from Europe arrived after an 8 hour long delay at Jinan Machine at 6:30 yesterday The 8:15 air-conditioned truck departs to the guaranteed loft and is transported by customs officials throughout the journey After long-distance transportation, I arrived at the destination. Now the pigeons have all entered the isolation loft.  Two pigeons died in one of Italy's Romanians.