World Best Pigeon 2021 – Final Results

World Best Pigeon 2021 – Final Results


Final Results 

The final results in 6 categories of World Best Pigeons 2021
are now available. Congratulations to the winners  and participants!

WBP 2021 – All Round

WBP 2021 – Long Distance

WBP 2021 – Marathon

WBP 2021 – Middle Distance

WBP 2021 – Speed Category

WBP 2021 – Super Marathon

Planning for the future: Online meeting the FCI leaders with the FCI Grand prix  OLR owners on November 26, 2021

Planning for the future: Online meeting the FCI leaders with the FCI Grand prix OLR owners on November 26, 2021

On November 26, 2021, FCI organized the last meeting for FCI Grand Prix P OLR owners online for those who were not able to join the meeting in Mira (Portugal) or Budapest (Hungary) due to the travel restrictions amid the pandemic. Many OLRs took advantage of this online meeting to actively take part in the discussion about the future of FCI Grand Prix OLR. FCI leaders have collected all the constructive remarks and suggestions from the owners throughout three meetings. The new regulation, new OLR evaluation system and other important Grand Prix materials are being revised for the last time and will be finalised to officially distribute to all OLRs in the near future.

The FCI Grand Prix OLR-s can start the new year by the new regulations.

Meeting of the Sport Committee on November 29, 2021

The latest meeting of the Sport Committee was organized online on November 29, 2021 with the participation of the President, General Secretary and Sport Committee members of FCI. As usual, the Chairman of the Sport Committee, Mr. Matteo Grappa led the meeting through all the key points in the agenda. The meeting focused on 4 major events: Olympiad 2022, World Championship, European Championship and Grand Prix. Everyone
present at the meeting contributed their suggestions and opinions on how to improve the regulation for all those events. Regarding the Grand Prix, the participants also dicussed the new evaluation system and new Olympic category for the fututre.

LEO MACKAAY *5/3/1951 – †19/11/2021

LEO MACKAAY *5/3/1951 – †19/11/2021

*5/3/1951 – †19/11/2021

Leo Mackaay was Vice-President FCI from 2013 to 2016 and Honorary Vice-President FCI from 2017 to 2018 and also a valued Member of several FCI Committees.

In every Committee Leo has always given his best in the interest of the pigeon sport.

Leo Mackaay has also held important positions within the Dutch Federation NPO.

FCI will remember him as an amiable fancier and director.

We wish his wife Joke and his children all the strength during this difficult period.


AUCTION  of Pigeons from World Championship 2021

AUCTION of Pigeons from World Championship 2021

AUCTION  of Pigeons from World Championship 2021

The pigeon auction has started

You can follow the auction on:

In order to participate in the auction, it is necessary to create an account by sending your name, surname, phone number, and email to

The organizer of the  World Championship in Belgrade is waiting for the fanciers from all Federations to take part in this event!

Have good luck!