Intercontinental Cup


On December 5, 2019, the licensing ceremony of the F.C.I. “Intercontinental Cup ” One Loft Ace Pigeon Race and the authorization ceremony of the first organizer were held in Tai’an. Mr. Istvan BARDOS, President of F.C.I., awarded the authorization license to Mr. Yu Zhiwei, General Manager of Mount Tai International Racing Pigeon Center.

The F.C.I. “Intercontinental Cup” One Loft Ace Pigeon Race is an international top professional event hosted by the Federation Colombophile Internationale, which is open to all members of the member associations under the Federation Colombophile Internationale. A multi-stage racing system of points ranking in branch races is adopted, with the rankings of continental winners and intercontinental winners.

The race is organized and implemented by the Chinese Racing Pigeon Association, with the branch races to be held by a number of authorized organizers in China in their respective regions. Mount Tai International Racing Pigeon Center, as the first organizer of the race, will jointly promote the development of the event to ensure the high quality of the event.