Strong interest in FCI Grand Prix Control

Strong interest in FCI Grand Prix Control

After the Call for FCI Grand Prix Controllers was announced, FCI received 34 applications from fanciers all over the world. All the applicants had to attend 2 training sessions had pass to final test before they could be appointed FCI Grand Prix Controllers.

The training was quite intensive since each session last 4 hours and they covered the most fundamental and comprehensive knowledge about all aspects of FCI Grand Prix, namely:

  • IT knowledge
  • Pigeons’ welfare
  • Trainings, races, weather forecast
  • Competitions (New Grand Prix Category, Super Cup, Master Cup)
  • Loft Management
  • Communication (with loft owners, with FCI, with public)
  • Obligations (fees, reports, auctions)
  • Loft evaluation (5* system, „Loft of the Year” Award)

All the applicants who took part in the training took the final test to prove that they have sufficient knowledge to be authorized as an FCI Grand Prix controller. In the end, there were 28 applicants who successfully passed the test. They are:

Name Country
1. 1. Alessandro Segnini Italy
2. Alexandru Huzu Romania
3. Anfossi Davide Italy
4. Ante Filipović Croatia
5. Arkadiusz Maziarz Poland
6. Árpád Sudicki Serbia
7. Bas Van Beveren The Netherlands
8. Clemens Ivanschitz Austria
9. Daniel Krajcik Slovakia
10. Darko Žegarac Croatia
11. David Madeira Portugal
12. Denis Culic Croatia
13. Elena Lyubimtseva Russia
14. Franz Hermans Belgium
15. Goran Grafina Croatia
16. Ivan Phillips India
17. Jo Vos The Netherlands
18. Martin Lembke Germany
19. Mihajlo Maćuš Serbia
20. Mihalik Csaba Hungary
21. Mountassif Mouad Morocco
22. NUNO MARQUES Portugal
23. Rui Repas Portugal
24. Selçuk KÖROĞLU Turkey
26. Schindler Gábor Hungary
27. TOUATI SACI Algeria
28. Viglidán Ágoston Hungary

FCI would like to extend most sincere congratulations to the successful applicants. After this, those who are appointed by FCI to control certain FCI Grand Prix OLRs will receive a separate control order. Only after receiving this control order can they start to supervise the FCI Grand Prix OLRs indicated by the FCI Grand Prix Management.

The OLR-s will receive an official notification about the controller in 2022.

All participants believe that this is a step forward in the development of FCI Grand Prix races and the whole pigeon sport.

Call for FCI Grand Prix OLR Controllers

Call for FCI Grand Prix OLR Controllers

FCI Grand Prix One Loft Race is one of most prestigious and well-organized championships in the arena of pigeon sport. Being a member of FCI Grand Prix OLR (GP OLR) benefits the OLR in many ways.
From 2022 FCI aims to launch a new evaluation system for GP OLR and would like to expand this Championship to a larger scale. There will be a new “Grand Prix Category” at the Olympiad and only FCI OLRs supervised by FCI controllers are eligible to take part in this category. Hence, it is fundamental to build up a network of FCI delegates who will have long-term
cooperation with both FCI and GP OLRs.

A. Job description

1. Responsibility of an FCI Controller:

a. To OLRs:

  • Supervise the well-being of the pigeons in whole season
  • Control the ETS and GPS systems
  • Control the trainings and all races
  • Control pigeons in the final race and record the results correctly
  • Observe the operation of the OLRs throughout the year to evaluate the OLRs according to the evaluation system of FCI

b. To FCI:

  • Attend the training for FCI GP controllers
  • Score at least 90% in the final test after the training in order to be authorized as FCI Controller
  • Give reports to FCI Office
  • Inform FCI about any changes in case the controller has difficulty at the OLRs
  • Send the checklist and pictures of the final races in time
  • Participate in the evaluation of OLR-s

2. Benefits of Controllers

  • FCI will cover the travel costs of the controller for the final race
  • OLR will cover the cost for accommodation, food, travel inside the country/or transfer from the airport to the loft)
  • Invitation for the Olympiad (entry tickets for the exhibition)
  • The job exists on voluntary basic

3. Requirements to be an FCI Controller:

  • Have at least 3 years of experience in pigeon sport and one loft races
  • Can communicate confidently in English
  • Have a basic knowledge of IT
  • Detail-oriented and impartial working attitude
  • Be able to travel outside their country of residence

2. Application procedure

a. Anyone who is motivated to become an FCI controller ( fanciers supported by
federations or individuals) must fill in the application form via this link:
FCI GP Controller_Application Form
– Submit the CV
– In the CV, please indicate at least 3 OLRs and the year in which you have joined.
– Submit the motivation letter (maximum 1 page) to tell FCI why you are interested in
individuals or being an FCI controller.
– Submit support letters from the federations or OLR-s

b. Deadline of the application is 12th January 2022.

c. Short-listed candidates will be informed via email to take part in a mandatory training
organized by FCI to 10th of January 2022.

d. Training will be organized in online form between 20- 25 January 2022.

e. After the training, candidates must pass the final test – also online- in 3 days after the training, with a minimum score of 90% in order to be officially authorized as an FCI Grand Prix Controller. A certificate will be given to those who successfully pass the test.

More information:
WhatsApp: +36307997433

FCI hopes to be in contact with a lot more talented and professional pigeon fanciers who will be the representatives of FCI Grand Prix spirit and quality!

Planning for the future: Online meeting the FCI leaders with the FCI Grand prix  OLR owners on November 26, 2021

Planning for the future: Online meeting the FCI leaders with the FCI Grand prix OLR owners on November 26, 2021

On November 26, 2021, FCI organized the last meeting for FCI Grand Prix P OLR owners online for those who were not able to join the meeting in Mira (Portugal) or Budapest (Hungary) due to the travel restrictions amid the pandemic. Many OLRs took advantage of this online meeting to actively take part in the discussion about the future of FCI Grand Prix OLR. FCI leaders have collected all the constructive remarks and suggestions from the owners throughout three meetings. The new regulation, new OLR evaluation system and other important Grand Prix materials are being revised for the last time and will be finalised to officially distribute to all OLRs in the near future.

The FCI Grand Prix OLR-s can start the new year by the new regulations.

Meeting for OLR owners in Budapest, October 29, 2021

Meeting for OLR owners in Budapest, October 29, 2021

On October 29, 2021, the President of FCI, Mr. István Bárdos had a meeting with the representatives of  OLRs from , Albania, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Serbia in Budapest, Hungary.

After the first meeting with the owners of FCI Grand Prix OLR- s in Mira, Portugal, on October 29, 2021, the President of FCI, Mr. István Bárdos had  meeting with the representatives of  OLR-s from Albania, Croatia,  Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland , Romania and Serbia in Budapest, Hungary.

The President appreciated the effort of all those OLRs to attend such a meeting in person and congratulated them on the success of their Grand Prix flights. All the present OLRs were introduced to the proposal of a complex system of OLR evaluation, according to which, each Grand Prix OLR will be ranked from 1 to 5 star depending on their overall operation.
Besides, a new registration form and the contract for the Grand Prix 2022 was also discussed. All the emarks and ideas of the OLRs will be carefully collected and organized by FCI Grand Prix Management before finalizing the registration form and new contract. The owners shared their opinions with the president, they understand and support the necessity of the evaluation of OLR-s.
For those OLR-s, which were unable to attend the personal meetings, the FCI Grand Prix management will organize an online meeting in the next few weeks

FCI Grand Prix Final races delayed

Due to unfavourable weather condition in Bulgaria and Greece recently, the final race of Derby Sunny Beach (expected date: July 31, 2021), Derby Halkidiki (expected date: August 1, 2021) and AS Golden Pigeon (expected date: August 7, 2021) have been delayed. Updates on new dates for the final races will be informed as soon as possible on the official website of FCI.