Strong interest in FCI Grand Prix Control

Strong interest in FCI Grand Prix Control

After the Call for FCI Grand Prix Controllers was announced, FCI received 34 applications from fanciers all over the world. All the applicants had to attend 2 training sessions had pass to final test before they could be appointed FCI Grand Prix Controllers.

The training was quite intensive since each session last 4 hours and they covered the most fundamental and comprehensive knowledge about all aspects of FCI Grand Prix, namely:

  • IT knowledge
  • Pigeons’ welfare
  • Trainings, races, weather forecast
  • Competitions (New Grand Prix Category, Super Cup, Master Cup)
  • Loft Management
  • Communication (with loft owners, with FCI, with public)
  • Obligations (fees, reports, auctions)
  • Loft evaluation (5* system, „Loft of the Year” Award)

All the applicants who took part in the training took the final test to prove that they have sufficient knowledge to be authorized as an FCI Grand Prix controller. In the end, there were 28 applicants who successfully passed the test. They are:

Name Country
1. 1. Alessandro Segnini Italy
2. Alexandru Huzu Romania
3. Anfossi Davide Italy
4. Ante Filipović Croatia
5. Arkadiusz Maziarz Poland
6. Árpád Sudicki Serbia
7. Bas Van Beveren The Netherlands
8. Clemens Ivanschitz Austria
9. Daniel Krajcik Slovakia
10. Darko Žegarac Croatia
11. David Madeira Portugal
12. Denis Culic Croatia
13. Elena Lyubimtseva Russia
14. Franz Hermans Belgium
15. Goran Grafina Croatia
16. Ivan Phillips India
17. Jo Vos The Netherlands
18. Martin Lembke Germany
19. Mihajlo Maćuš Serbia
20. Mihalik Csaba Hungary
21. Mountassif Mouad Morocco
22. NUNO MARQUES Portugal
23. Rui Repas Portugal
24. Selçuk KÖROĞLU Turkey
26. Schindler Gábor Hungary
27. TOUATI SACI Algeria
28. Viglidán Ágoston Hungary

FCI would like to extend most sincere congratulations to the successful applicants. After this, those who are appointed by FCI to control certain FCI Grand Prix OLRs will receive a separate control order. Only after receiving this control order can they start to supervise the FCI Grand Prix OLRs indicated by the FCI Grand Prix Management.

The OLR-s will receive an official notification about the controller in 2022.

All participants believe that this is a step forward in the development of FCI Grand Prix races and the whole pigeon sport.

FCI Grand Prix OLR-s 2022

FCI Grand Prix OLR-s 2022

Country Name of OLR Website
1. Albania Derby Albania
2. Bulgaria Kalimanci OLR
3. Croatia Derby Knin
4. Croatia Derby Zagreb-Lexman Team
5. Czech Republic Derby Recany
6. Czech Republic Talent Quatro OLR
7. Germany Ostwestfalen Derby
8. Germany Preußen Derby
9. Greece Derby Halkidiki
10. Greece AS Golden Pigeon Race
11. Hungary Favorit OLR
12. Hungary FCI GrandPrix VAC
13. Italy Tuscan Sun Race
14. Moldavia Fauna Orheiului
15. Morocco Derby International Casablanca
16. Poland Malopolska OLR
17. Poland Giewont OLR
18. Poland Polish Masters
19. Poland Mazury OLR
20. Portugal Derby Riachos
21. Portugal Algarve Great Derby
22. Portugal Mira FCI GrandPrix
23. Romania Horodnic OLR
24. Romania Golden Pigeons OLR
25. Romania Corabia Derby
26. Romania Romanian GrandPrix Arad
27. Romania SC Europa Master Pigeons SRL
28. Romania Super Star
29. Serbia Belgrade "Ace the Winner"
30. Slovakia Tatry Derby
31. Spain Derby del Mediterraneo
32. Spain Derby Costa de la Luz
33. Spain Costa Del Sol
34. Thailand FCI Chiangmai - Pa Mok Grand Prix
35. Thailand Pattaya International Pigeon Race
36. Thailand Thailand Rayong Masters
37. Turkey Derby Istanbul
38. Ukraine Derby Galychyna

Approval // Application in progress

Country Name of OLR Website
1. Spain Derby Rías Baixas
2. Russia Kirjach OLR
3. Turkey Derby Bursa 16
4. Ukraine Derby Bukovina