1st Mediterranean Conference

2nd Regional Professional Conference – Hungary

3nd Regional Professional Euro- Balkan Conference – Romania

4th Regional Professional Conference – Qatar

FCI Regional Conferences – Protocol

1. The aim of the conferences is to gather the region’s pigeon fanciers, to create a channel for the world’s newest information, studies, and results, to propagate pigeon sports, and to allow the representatives of FCI member states to harmonize their future plans and to present their results. The conferences allow the participation of those countries and federations who are interested, but not yet FCI members. The goal of conferences is to strengthen the cooperation between the region’s countries.

2. At the end of the conference, a final declaration will be approved which record the principles and practical steps of cooperation.

3. Organization of FCI conferences are initiated by president of FCI.

4. The president shall establish a professional committee for the consultation of the professional contents of the conferences, whose permanent and invited members are personally requested to cooperate by the president. When a conference is organized, the representative of the organizing country is automatically a member of the professional committee.

5. The country of conference can apply for the venue of the Event.

Conditions of application:

a) contribution to the settlement costs
b) necessary requirements are available for organization as venue + accommodation and catering options
c) provide the local organizers needed to organize the conference
d) taking into account the local circumstances, we conclude a contract with the organizing country.

6. Main elements of the program

a) Plenary meetings
– presentation of FCI president
– presentations of priority lecturers
– presentations of leaders of all invited countries

b) professional consultations
Presentation of prestige professionals from different countries of the world. The agenda shall be drawn up by the Committee, leaded by the president. Speakers are invited by the President.

Main topics:
– pigeon fencing
– racing, preparation, motivation
– prizes, national – international awards
– animal health issues nowadays, avian flu
– doping in pigeonsport
– feeding issues
– breeding
– involve young fanciers, family program – recruitment
– industries near the pigeonsport
– electronic timing systems
– IT innovations

c) product presentations as GPS, feed, medicines, ETS

d) Pigeon auction: All lecturers offers 5 excellent young pigeons, organizing country offers 2 excellent young pigeons for auction. Auction will be held on the spot or on internet site.

e) Publications: conference brochure (before) publication of conference in written format and on CD (after)

f) Auctions

7. Planned numbers 50-100 person

a) plenary max. 100 person
b) professional consultations 20-30 person
c) product presentations: participants of conference

a) The participating countries will be represented by 2-2 participants on the meetings.
Participation fee: 1000 EUR / country

b) Individual participants, those interested with recommendation president of countries – maximum 30 person / country

c) Speakers: senior experts, famous fenciers, Olympic champions, One Loft Race owners, managers, FCI World Champions, Grand Prix champions

d) Companies