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Florea Sorin, the emlematic romanian fancier National marathon races, the super-competitions of the Romanian Racing Pigeon Sport! Remarkable results for the Romanian fanciers at the Europe Cup 2020

Good Evening to Lovers of Pigeon Racing

For the first time a training with winds favorable to the puppies of the VI GP Brazil. With this type of wind, pigeons usually fly very high and develop high speeds. I wish our athletes and our driver Gomes to return in peace. By clicking on the link below, you will...

Boa Noite Aos Amantes Da Columbofilia

Pela primeira vez um treino com ventos favoráveis aos filhotes do VI GP Brasil. Com esse tipo de vento, normalmente os pombos voam muito alto e desenvolvem altas velocidades. Desejo que os nossos atletas e o nosso motorista Gomes regressem em paz. Clicando no link...

Belgium: New National Board

At the national general meeting on 16 March 2018, the national delegates have elected and appointed the new members of the national board of directors of Belgian Federation: The National President: Mr Hermans FransThe National Vice-President: Mr Sapin DenisThe...