The DBA Auction

The money is used for charitable purposes, youth work, and research into diseases…

German Pigeon auction for a good cause

Every year, on the occasion of the German racing pigeon show in Dortmund, the auction takes place for the benefit of the Prof. Dr. Kohaus-Förderverein, the sponsoring association of the German racing pigeon federation. This year, unfortunately, the German racing pigeon exhibition had to be canceled for well-known reasons. However, we would still like to hold the well-known auction on the Internet, so that the diverse projects of the Förderverein can be supported financially in the future. Many top German breeders have donated pigeons or vouchers for this. We would be pleased if you visit our auction platform and perhaps support our action.

The auction will be online from the 9th January until the 16th January:

See the pigeons already here:

Thanks for supporting!