Pigeon World:  VET in the Gulf  Region

Pigeon World: VET in the Gulf Region

Dr. Alaa Hikmath-Fadhil Al- Ani and Dr. Basim Al- Adhad, high-profile experts from Iraq had a meeting with the Director Committee of the FCI on July 31, 2021 in Budapest.

Dr. Alaa Al- Ani had a presentation about the present of the pigeon sport in Iraq, and about the special condition of the VET questions in the Arabic region.

Mr. Istvan Bardos, President of FCI emphasized that  FCI will support the job of Dr Al – Ani to develop the pigeon sport in Iraq and as well as in the Gulf region.

Director Committee and Sport Committee in Budapest on July 31, 2021

Director Committee and Sport Committee in Budapest on July 31, 2021

On July 31, 2021FCI successfully hosted the meetings for the Director Committee and Sport Committee in Budapest. Apart from the participation of FCI leaders from Europe, this time, FCI welcomed the attendance of 2 high-profile experts from Iraq.

the President of FCI, Mr. István Bárdos discussed with members of the board about the organisation of the Olympiad, the  World Best Pigeons and FCI Grand Prix One Loft Race in order to have optimal preparation for these events.

The solidarity among federations and new applicants was constantly emphasized. Besides, all members of the board present at the meetings supported the initiation of proposing to UNESCO that racing pigeons should be listed as an intangible cultural heritage.

FCI Grand Prix Final races delayed

Due to unfavourable weather condition in Bulgaria and Greece recently, the final race of Derby Sunny Beach (expected date: July 31, 2021), Derby Halkidiki (expected date: August 1, 2021) and AS Golden Pigeon (expected date: August 7, 2021) have been delayed. Updates on new dates for the final races will be informed as soon as possible on the official website of FCI.