Polášek Michael and Martin

All Round 1th Place
Middle Distance 3th Place
Speed 1th Place

the tandem father with son. They competes in OS Zlín. OS Zlín is one of the largest regions in the Czech Republic with 150 breeders. (There are 34 regions in the Czech Republic.)

Beginning of breeding dates from 1964, but Michael started with racing after his graduation at the University  in 1976.  He has been racing together with his son Martin since 1993.

The  basis of breeding was supplemented for the first time in 1993 by the pigeons of the double winner of the European Long Distance Cup Hillaire Verhellen (Catrysse). This import was excellent, so we repeated it in 1997 and 2002. These pigeons in the cross breed with a new pigeons are still the basis of the pigeons for long distances (over 700 km).

For  short, middle and small long distances the loft was first time supplemented by pigeons Van Loon from Martin Wagner.But,  in 2007 pigeons were bought from several excellent breeders from Belgium. These breeders are competing at the top level with a very small number of pigeons (Cyriel Verbeeck, Kenny Hollanders). In 2007 we also bought pigeons from Wilfried Mühlenstrodt – Gaby Vandenabeele line (grandchildren Bliksem) and from Fridrich  Schön- Reynaert line (grandchildren Figo).Today we choose pigeons individually, especially from breeders from Germany and Belgium, which  parents and grandparents are prominent breeding pigeons or top racers. (grandchildren Olympiade by Leo Heremans, Chipo by Benny Steveninck, Rudy by Vandenabeele, children and brother Frome by Renee Geukens, son of Junior 500 from Johan de Belser and others.)

We don´t have so many pigeons. Together up to 160pieces including breeding pigeons.

We race through the classic widowhood system. It means, we do not use hens for races, only males. Hens are only serve as passive widows in our pigeon loft. Racing team has 60pigeons together. (30 pieces two-years old and older pigeons plus 30 yearlings). We have a strict requirements for all racing pigeons. Also yearlings pigeons must be fully part of the racing team.

Only young pigeons for long races have different criteria.  We approach to them individually and the importance here, in addition to the results, has the body structure, origin and intuition breeder.