Dear Sport -Friends!

The COVID-19 pandemic has made a strange situation also in the pigeon sport.

In the last 6 month the most important task was to save the life of the people everywhere in the world. Each continent, each country makes a big effort to stop the virus. We can see that we are on the good way, but we understand, it is not finished because we don’t have a vaccine yet.

In these circumstances the pigeon sport suffers a severe loss everywhere in the world. The fanciers had no races anywhere, we didn’t have a chance to organize or have races. Meanwhile several national federations started the season, training and competition flights in May and in June; other federations can only organize training flights.

The Committee Director of FCI is aware that the measures taken due to the COVID-19 virus have a major impact on the 2020 race season and that not everyone will have the equal sporting opportunities.

This is the reason why the Committee Director of FCI has decided to postpone the XXXVII Olympiad
to January 2022 in Romania.

We are convinced that everyone will understand the necessity of this decision.

Regarding the other FCI events 2020:

– FCI World Championship final race will take place on September 30, 2020 in Arad, Romania

– FCI European Championship final race will take place on October 24, 2020 in Mira, Portugal.

– FCI World Best Pigeon 2020 will be organized, based on the rankings of the races 2020.

– FCI Grand Prix races 2020 – will be organized in 2020 – see website:

Now the FCI leadership and the leaders of the national federations need to reorganize a post COVID-19 pigeon sport; we need to find out how we can return to the traditional way of the pigeon sport.

The virus and the pandemic made us realize, that we aren’t alone, that we support each other!
The solidarity in our sport between the fanciers is very important!

Have a good fly in 2020!

Istvan Bardos
President, FCI