National days

Dear fanciers, Dear Visitors!
Our member federations prepare the National Exhibitions, you can see the timetable. 
We hope and wish, all events will be successful!
Name of the federation When do you plan your National Day / Exhibition? Where do you plan your National Day / Exhibition?
Argentina – Federación Colombófila Argentina 2021.02.26 Bs. As.
Brazil – Brazilian Columbophile Federation 2021.08.07 We don’t have a set date
Bulgaria – Bulgaria Racing Pigeon Associaction 2020.11.21 No information the moment
Croatia – Hrvatski Savez Klubova Uzgajivaca Golubova Listonosa 2020.12.12 Zagreb
Czech Republic – The Czech National Racing Pigeon Association 2021.01.16 Hluk
Germany – Verband Deutscher Brieftaubenzuechter e.V. 2021.01.10 Dortmund
Hungary – Hungarian Racing Pigeons Federation 2020.12.28 Gödöllő
India – Indian Racing Pigeon Association 2020.10.02 Chennai
Israel 2020.11.06 It took place in Zichron Yaacov
Kuwait – Kuwait Racing Pigeon Federation 2021.02.01 Federation
Lithuania – Lithuanian Pigeon Sport Federation 2021.01.16 Kaunas
Romania – Federatia Nationala a Crescatorilor de Porimbei din Romania 2021.05.01 Ploiesti
Spain – Real Federation Colombofila Espanola 2021.01.15 Baleares-Approximate date to determine
Sweden – Swedish Pigeon Federation, SBF 2021.01.22 Backagården
Ukraine – Ukrainian National Federation of Pigeon Sport 2020.12.05 Lviv

* – Applicant country