3nd Regional Professional Euro- Balkan Conference



This conference is the third in the history of the FCI. This conference is the third in the history of the FCI.The purpose of these special FCI regional conference is to muster the pigeon sport enthusiasts of the Eastern –European Region, and in the Balkan.

Host national organization is the conference is: the Romanian Pigeon Fanciers Association. We are planning this conference with the participation of 13 countries: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, North- Macedonia, Moldova,Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine.

The goal of the conference is: establish a closer cooperation between the countries of this region, their national associations and the FCI.

It is a great possibility create a forum for familiarizing the latest knowledge about the racing, feeding, breeding…and of course about the veterinarian issues, researches and results of the world, to promote the pigeon sport.

As part of the conference, the representatives of the FCI countries will discuss their future plans and present their achievements, they try to find the way in the future development of this region.

The conference will be concluded with the adoption of the Action Plan, which covers the principles of cooperation and its practical measures.

Main elements of the program

a) Plenary meetings
– presentation of FCI president
– presentations of priority lecturers
– presentations of leaders of all invited countries

b) professional consultations Main topics:
– Pigeon fencing: feeding issues, breeding
– Racing, preparation, motivation
– Prizes, national – international awards
– Involve young fanciers, family program – recruitment
– Industries near the pigeon sport
– Electronic timing systems IT innovations
– FCI One Loft Races, Grand Prix

c) Publications:
– conference brochure ( before)
– publication of conference in written format and on CD (after)

Presenters, presentations of the conference:


Istvan Bardos, President FCI: The future of the FCI

Marius Tunduc, Vice- President FCI, President of the Romanian Federation

Geronimo Brănescu: Veterinary issues and the movement of live birds in and outside EU.

Mieke Mortier, Expert for international relations: How to make international relations better


Romania: Liviu Plăvițu, Matei Romulus

Nedherland: Wolfgang Berensfreise, Andre Paulssen, Ko van Dommelen A.P. Overwater,

Belgium: Rik Cools

Germany: Hugo Kipp

Veterinary themed conference

Geronimo Brănescu

Mihai Țurcanu

Dr. Gabor Schindler

Domien van Acker (Belgica de Weerd)

Oros Bogdan