4th Regional Professional Conference



This conference is unique, the first in the history of the Arabic Countries in the modern history.

The purpose of these special FCI regional conferences is to muster the pigeon sport enthusiasts of the Arabian Region.

The goal of the conference is: establishing a closer cooperation between the countries of this region and of their national associations and the FCI.

It is a great opportunity to create a forum for familiarizing the audience with the latest knowledges, researches and results from around the world and to promote the pigeon sport.

As part of the conference, the representatives of the FCI countries will discuss their future plans and present their achievements.

The conference will be concluded with the adoption of a Closing Declaration, which will contain the principles of cooperation and their practical implementation.

Main elements of the program

Plenary meetings:

a) The leaders of the International Federation give a strategic view about the
pigeon sport, the basic rules of the competitions, races, the possibilities of being more
international, how the fanciers can attend all the international events.

b) The presentations of leaders of the invited countries will give us relevant information about the pigeon sport of the different countries, different regions. We would be able to form a clearer idea about: how many fanciers are racing, how the racing calendar looks like, how national organizations work and what are their plans for the future.


Professional consultations: working on the most interesting topics

a) Famous fanciers from around the world will share their experiences on pigeon
fencing, breeding, feeding, racing, preparation, motivation

b) Professional veterinarians from Iraq and Holland will give presentations about
animal health issues nowadays, avian flu, different pigeon diseases

c) Managers from different companies will give presentation about the importance of the electronic timing systems and the IT innovations in the pigeon sport

Publications: Publications:

1. Conference program brochure (before)
2. Publication of the conferences’ materials (after)

Presenters, presentations of the conference:


Istvan Bardos: The present and the future of the FCI

Dr. Agnes Horvath: How to make international relations better?

Geert Philips: The FCI rules and regulations

Matteo Grappa: Regulations and international championships 

Dr. Henk De Weerd: Veterinarian issues in the pigeon sport

Dr. Alaa Hikmat: Veterinarian issues in the Golf- region

Charles Scerri: Pigeon market in the world

Frans Hermans: Grand Prix in the pigeon sport

Thomas Zimmermann: ETS Systems in the pigeon sport

Jos Thone: How to be successful?

Introduction of the Federations

President of Qatar Federation

President of Iran Federation

President of Iraq Federation

President of Jordan Federation

President of Kuwait Federation

President of Palestine Federation