The last 17, 18 and 19 august have a meeting of AILAC , Iberian Latinamerican Association of Pigeon Sport, the first confederation in the world of Federations and Associations of Pigeon Sport.

The members are the following Federations or Association (affiliates to FCI, too): Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, España, México, Nicaragua, Perú, Portugal and Uruguay.

In Bogota, Colombia, were present delegates of Portugal, México, Cuba, Brasil, Argentina and Colombia. They decided require a recognition from the FCI by the AILAC according the news statuts of FCI in the next Congress of Poland. Soo, the AILAC have new autorities. President: Lic. Federico Arias from Argentine. 1º Vicepresident: Dr. José Luis Rodríguez Jacinto (Portugal). 2º Vicepresident: Not. Carlos Altamirano Alcocer (México) and General Secretary: Dr. Pedro Goldenberg (Argentine).

In the event was made a One Loft Race Derby of AILAC: Individual Winner: Mr. Jorge Penagos (Colombia). As Pigeon Winner; Mr. Nicolás Gimenez (Argentina). Country Winner: Colombia. 

They were present a breeders of USA, Honduras and Perú.