World Championship

Accepted by FCI Congress 2011

Attachement of FCI Sport Rules


General conditions

The place of FCI World Championship decided by FCI Board Committee after applications of member countries.

The organizer of FCI World Championship race is the management of the member country.

The World Championship is open for all Federation members of the F.C.I. for free. Ringcards and pedigrees are obligated.

Organizer must provide a website of event and publish all important information as entered bird, current situation, training and race results.

A member country can send 25 pigeons. These pigeons will be trained on several training fights and 2 pre-races.

Trainings: 2 x 5 km, 2x10 km, 1x20 km, 1x30 km, 1x50 km, 1x100 km Pre-races: over 100 km

In the time of World Championship race there is possible to organize World Championship competition to youth fanciers.

The date of the final race: in time of normal youngster season of organizing country

The race distance: cca. 400 km

The race will close when 20 % of the basketed pigeons arrive.

When 20% of pigeons do not arrive on raceday, the race will continue till the next day at noon (12 o'clock).

When there is a neutralisation time, the race closes an hour after sun set and opens an hour before sun rise.

The Ace pigeon closing time will be when the race is definitely closed. So if the race is for example closed the next day at 12.00am than the Ace pigeon will also close at same time. For the AS pigeon will count the last 2 training tosses and the last race. Winner is the one who has most prizes.

When the weather is very bad, the F.C.I. delegate may either reduce the distance by not under than 300km distance or cancel the race till the next better day.

The basketing of final race must be done with independent basketing committee under supervision of international control.

Pigeons should be basketed in good health conditions, only.

How to send your pigeons?  

                The pigeons (25-30 days) must be sent in current year defined by Organizer Federation. This must be in the documentation.  

                The pigeons must be accompanied by Health Certificate, Pedigrees, Owner cards, an invoice with "Not for commercial trade"    

                Before the shipment must be send a message and the airwaybill to the organizer.  


Auction of pigeons  

                All the sent pigeons will be owned by the Oganizer Federation and after the race the pigeons should be auctioned. and from the incoming 25 %                   will arrive to the F.C.I.  

                All pigeons that arrive day, and the race is closed, they should be auctioned, also when they are inside or outside the 20 % return  


                If the race closes the next day at 12.00, than again all pigeons that arrive will be auctioned.


                The FCI prizes will be awarded always on next Olympiad.   

                Individual classification: 1., 2., 3. Trophy + Diploma FCI  

                Country classification (prize average of 3 best pigeons from a nation on the final race) : 1., 2., 3. Trophy + Diploma FCI  

                Ace Pigeon Classification (average prizes of the 2 pre-races and final race which was held from minimum 100 km distance) : 1., 2., 3. Diploma                     FCI  

                Every country which participate on the race will receive a Diploma FCI