How to apply?

1. A federation which wants to become a member of the FCI, must submit a written application to the General Secretariat. It will be great, if you can do it as soon as possible, because 5-7 March is the Board Meeting of FCI in Halle. The request can only be handled in the next Congress if it is submitted at least two months in advance. In the absence of an official recognition by the national country, the FCI will determine which
federation will be accepted as a member.

2. A request for membership must be accompanied by a valid statute of the federation. This must include the provisions under which the statutes regulations and decisions of the FCI, its bodies and institutions are operating.

3. In its written application, an applying federation must include a comprehensive report on the pigeons-related activities of its clubs, associations and members, the number of pigeons kept and the organization of competitions held.

4. An applying federation must also include in its written application the statements of four members in support of the written application.

5. The General Secretariat shall announce the acceptance or rejection of the applicant during Congress. A federation requesting inclusion can defend its application during the Congress. It will have the right to present itself in this regard.