• Preamble
  • Definitions
  • General Provisions
  • Membership
  • Honorary President, Honorary Vice President, Honorary Member
  • Confederations
  • Organisation
  • Legal Bodies and Disciplinary Measures
  • Arbitration
  • Approval of FCI Decisions
  • General Secretariat
  • Finances
  • Rights in Competitions and Events
  • Competitions
  • Final Provisions


  • Annex 1:       Rules of Procedure of the Congress
  • Annex 2:       Rules of Procedure of the Director Committee
  • Annex 3:       General Rules of Procedure for the Commissions
  • Annex 4:       Special Rules of Procedure for the Audit Commission
  • Annex 5:       Disciplinary Regulations
  • Annex 6:       Travel Expenses

Section I. Preamble

Pigeons have been a friend of man since time immemorial. Pigeons were used to transmit messages even in ancient times. This development saw its peak during the armed conflicts of the twentieth century.

Pigeons‘ orientation capability and efficiency was recognised by Belgian trainers and strengthened through targeted breedings. With this, the foundation for the modern racing pigeon was established in the 19th century.

The racing pigeon is closely tied with man’s cultural development and as such is a major cultural icon.

The protection and preservation of the racing pigeon as a cultural icon, is the task of all racing pigeons fanciers worldwide. To this end, racing pigeons fanciers have, peacefully and in free self-determination, united as the International Pigeon Fanciers Federation (FCI). In these statutes they document their will to fulfil the task of preserving and promoting the cultural icon that is the racing pigeon.

Section II. Definitions

The following terms shall mean:

  1. FCI:                      International Pigeon Fanciers Federation
  2. Racing pigeon:     A pigeon which is not intended for consumption in the commercial food chain, and which is marked with a special foot ring in line                                with FCI specifications, and, thanks to its orientation ability, allows its owner to participate in flight competitions and exhibitions.
  3. Pigeon sport:       Breeding and keeping of pigeons for sport reasons including participation in flight competitions and exhibitions.
  4. Federation:          A federation recognised as such by the national authority of that country.
  5. State:                   An independent State recognised by the international community.
  6. Confederation:     An association of federations recognised by the FCI which belong to one or more   continents or a comparable region.
  7. Congress:            The ultimate legislative body of the FCI.
  8. Director                The executive body of the FCI.
  9. Emergency           Committee of the Director Committee for the accomplishment of ad hoc urgent matters.                                                                        Committee:
  10. General                Administrative body of the FCI.                                                                                                                                                                  Secretariat:
  11. Commission:        Organisational unit of the FCI with special tasks.
  12. Legal body:          Committee of the FCI for the enforcement of disciplinary measures.
  13. Member:               A national federation which has been approved by the Congress to join the FCI.
  14. Association:         Regional organisational unit within a federation.
  15. Other                   National unions of fanciers set up for the purpose of practising pigeon sports, both in general and specialised types of competition.     Associations:
  16. Officials:               All members of the Director Committee, Commission members, judges, Honorary Presidents, Honorary Vice Presidents and                                        Honorary Members as well as the technical, veterinary and administrative managers of the FCI, a confederation or a member.
  17. International        An active breeder licenced by the FCI who is authorised to judge at official pigeon sport events in accordance with the given                   Judge:          standards.
  18. Fancier:               A pigeon breeder, who is a member of an association.
  19. Olympiads:          An international pigeon sport event organised by the FCI, in which all members and their pigeon fanciers can participate subject to                              the rules and conditions of the event.
  20. Distance flight:    Joint release of racing pigeons at a specific location where the speed that individual pigeons take to return to their home is                                          determined in accordance with the regulations of the FCI.
  21. World                   A pigeon competition organised by the FCI, in whichall fanciers can participate subject to the rules and conditions of the event.          Championship: 
  1. Flight                   A competition organised by the FCI, a confederation or one or more members on the basis of distance flights and subject to the        competition:      rules and conditions of the FCI. 
  1. Standard:            A set of rules set out by the FCI for the assessment of the physical condition of racing pigeons in accordance with uniform features.
  2. Doping:               The administration of non-permitted substances to increase the performance of racing pigeons.


Clarification: Terms referring to natural persons are applicable to both genders. Any term in the singular applies to the plural and vice-versa.

Section III. General Provisions

Article 1 

Name and headquarters

2. The headquarters of the FCI is located in Halle, Belgium. It may only be transferred to another location subject to an amendment in accordance to                Article 26 of the statutes.

Article 2


The purpose of the FCI is as follows:

a)  To ensure the continuous improvrovement and development and of the pigeon racing sport and its spread worldwide, giving importance to the unifying, educational, cultural and humanitarian features of the sport; specifically (and in particular) through the promotion of the sport of pigeon racing via youth and development programmes. 

b)  To organise Olympiads and World Championships; as well as any other events that contribute to the development of pigeon racing;

c)  To establish rules and regulations for the sport of pigeon racing as well as ensuring their enforcement; 

d)  To issue and publish material dedicated to the promotion of the sport of pigeon racing and to develop guidelines to establish uniform bands (foot rings) for pigeons as well as procure them and provide them to the members;

e)  To promote integrity, ethics and fair play and thereby prevent methods or corrupt practices such as doping or manipulation of competitors’ results which could jeopardise the integrity of competitions, officials and/or fanciers or to abuse of the sport of pigeon racing in general; 

f)  To represent the interests of the sport of pigeon racing vis-a-vis international institutions, authorities and associations outside the sport of pigeon racing, including organisations and individual persons.

Article 3

Non-discrimination and combating racism

All forms of discrimination against a State, an individual person or groups of persons on grounds of race, skin colour, ethnicity, national or social origin, gender, language, religion, political or other opinions, wealth, birth status or other status, sexual orientation or any other reason is prohibited and subject to disciplinary measures or expulsion.

Article 4

The promotion of friendly relationships
   1. The FCI promotes frendly relationships: 

  a)    Between members, confederations, officials and fanciers. All persons and organisations involved in pigeon racing must comply with the statutes       and regulations and the principles of fair play;

  b)    In society, for humanitarian and charity purposes. 

    2.  The FCI shall provide the necessary institutional means to resolve any dispute that may arise between or among members, confederations,                          officials and fanciers.

Article 5

Behaviour of bodies and officals

In the execution of their activities, the bodies and officials must observe the statutes, regulations and decisions of the FCI and FCI institutions.

Article 6

Compensation of officials
  1. All officials of the FCI, with the exception of the General Secretary, work on a voluntary basis.
  2. The officials may be granted an allowance, subject to clause 6.3.
  3. The Congress shall approve a budget proposed by the Director Committee. This budget will be administered by the Director Committee to cover specific tasks and/or services. 

Article 7 

Transfer of travel expenses
  1. Officials and other persons who work for the FCI can have travel expenses reimbursed. The basis for the reimbursement of travel expenses is the Travel Expenses Regulations  (Annex 6).
  2. If officials do not qualify to have travel expenses reimbursed by the FCI, then the respective federations to which the officials belong shall incur their travel expenses in accordance with  the respective federation’s rules and  regulations.

Article 8 

Offical languages
  1. The official languages of the FCI are English, French and German. English is the official language for minutes, correspondence and announcements.
  2. The members are responsible for translation into their home country’s language.
  3. English, French and German, as well as the language of the respective country in which a Congress takes place, are the official languages of the Congress. Translation into these languages shall be performed by qualified interpreters. The delegates can talk in their mother language if a qualified interpreter is available to translate into one of the official Congress languages.
  4. The statutes, the annexes to the statutes and the decisions and announcements of the FCI shall be drafted in the three official languages. In the event of any words-related differences, the English version is applicable.

Section IV. Membership

Article 9

Admission, suspension

         The Congress shall make decisions on the admission, suspension and exclusion of members.

Article 10


  1. Each federation which is responsible for the organisation and monitoring of the sport of pigeon racing in all its forms in a given country, can become a member of the FCI. For this reason, it is recommended that all members of the FCI integrate all clubs, associations and all relevant stakeholders which practice and support the sport of pigeon racing in their own structure.
  2. There shall be only one federation recognised in each country.
  3. A federation which wants to become a member of the FCI, must submit a written application to the General Secretariat.
  4. The request can only be handled in the next Congress if it is submitted at least two months in advance. In the absence of an official recognition by the national country, the FCI will determine which federation will be accepted as  a member.
  5. A request for membership must be accompanied by a valid statute of the federation.  This must include the provisions under which the statutes regulations and decisions of the FCI, its bodies and institutions are operating.
  6. In its written application, an applying federation must include a comprehensive report on the pigeons-related activities of its clubs, associations and members, the number of pigeons kept and the organisation of competitions held.
  7. An applying federation must also include in its written application the statements of four members in support of the written application.
  8. Article 10 does not affect the status of the current members and is not retrospective.

Article 11

Written application request and procedure



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