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RULES FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP Mundial Ranking (World Ranking Championship) OF ONE LOFT RACES 2017-2018

While the World Championship by country is still being held until this day,  at the Olympiad in Basel – Switzerland it was decided to start organizing FCI Grand Prix One Loft Races for individual pigeon fanciers, and ever since it has been a very big success, and consequently the FCI will continue promoting such competitions.


A. To be able to be selected by the FCI Grand Prix Commission the Organizer has to have the authority of the National Federation of his Country who in turn is affiliated to the FCI. In a single year a maximum of 4 races can be approved for a country. 

B. Once the federation of a country has given the permission to the loft of this country to participate for the FCI Mundial Ranking (World Ranking Championship), they cannot cancel this permission during the time of the competition when the organisation is in line with all the rules.

C. For the approval of a loft, the commission must take into consideration the previous results of the race applicant.

The owner of the loft is obliged to send a letter to the FCI Grand Prix Commission whereby he declares that he has read the rules and accepts them as they are.


A. To be in line with the Statute of the FCI, the rules of sport and sanitary of the FCI.

B. To be valid for points, there must be an inscription of about 500 pigeons from 80 fanciers.

C. For the final race there should be at least 25% pigeons present of the originally entered pigeons.

D. The races which count for points for the WORLD Ranking Championship (Mundial Ranking) FCI 2017-2018 will be considered closed when 25 % of the basketed pigeons have arrived. When after the first day the race is not closed, it will be closed the second day, the latest at 8:00PM even when less than 25% of the basketed pigeons have arrived. A list (in xls format) needs to be send to Frans Hermans frans.fcigrandprix@yahoo.com within 24 hours of the closing of the race.

E. Must have a second clock in case of failure of the system. To have also sufficient batteries as a possible power outage. If they also put the rubber rings on, they can have a normal clock as a second clock. The first 6-10 pigeons have to be controlled, it is possible to clock again when necessary.

F. For the basketing it is obliged to use an official club antenna. All ring numbers need to be checked by de FCI delegate, all pigeons need to be stamped in the wing with the provided FCI stamp. All baskets on the truck need to be sealed with the provided FCI seals. Basketing can only start after the arrival of the FCI delegate.

G. The money to pay to the FCI for the support of the race is € 1.00 per pigeon entered in the race, including the not activated pigeons and also including pigeons entered by non FCI affiliated fanciers. This money has to be paid within 30 days after receiving the invoice.

H. The FCI appoints a delegate for the control in each final contest. Travel expenses, hotel, food etc., will be paid by the organizer for the delegate. The appointed delegate cannot compete under his own name in a race he controls.

I. The delegate will supervise the basketing of the pigeons. He needs to control the seals. He needs to receive the meteorological circumstances to take a decision for the liberation. He needs to control the first arrived pigeons.

J. The organizers have to let the FCI representative examine anything that he wants to check before and during the race.