Tender Grand Prix 2021-2023

Request for Proposal

Grand Prix Management 2021 – 2023

The aims are:
– to manage all (FCI) OLRs from A to Z.
– 3 years years contract with a company or person “Official Partner and Manager for
FCI OLRs”, and after 3 years there will be a new call.

The person/company who wants to offer the calculation of Grand Prix will need the following:

  • Contact Data of all FCI One Loft Races (personal contact appreciated)
  • Data of Fanciers and Pigeons (Out of OLR Software, Database of Unique IDs)
  • Build up a unique ID Network which will identify and give a verification of the data through Fancier
  • Data of Participant List of each FCI – OLR, Data of Pigeon, Information about the Race Schedules, Postponed Races
  • Data and Contact of appointed Controllers, Controllers should be added in each country by a qualification test (Certificate) to avoid travel costs

What is the goal of Full Package?

  • Almost Real-time Results for World Wide Ranking
  • Worry free solution for OLRs, Fanciers and Controllers and FCI
  • Publishing and Marketing of Results and Events
  • Attractive Website with updated content, pictures and reports to give more importance to FCI Races and to future OLRs
  • Management Tool for OLRs and Fanciers
  • Push Up Notification on most of the Races including Updates
  • New Competitions like (Continental Cups, Arab or African Championships)
  • Networking to get more OLRs connected
  • Rating System of OLRs through testimonials
  • International Network of Agents to help new OLRs to find the right partners
  • Support Solution for Advisors, technical Support by certified persons
  • Transparency of the race process is important like GPS Tracking of Release Trucks by a device installed from controller (device from FCI)
  • Acceptance of the data from all ETS systems approved by FCI
  • FCI Ring controlled by Management

Proposals must be sent no later than March 1, 2021, to the mail address fciphilips.g@gmail.com.

After March 1, 2021, no proposals will be accepted!

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